Promoting the use of racialized collaborative conversations
Baylor ISR / Program for Collaborative Conversation & Race

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Your Baylor ISR Collaboration Conversation & Race membership request has been received. Please proceed to the following link and support our program and initiatives.

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Individual Members – $50
Access to the individual and organizational members list. You will be given the opportunity to list your contact information on the list and see the contact information of those who have consented to have their contact information made public. The list is searchable alphabetically and by city. Starting in March of 2022 members can receive a discount on the purchase ofTranscending Racial Barriers and Beyond Racial Division. Each member can purchase these books at 40% off the listed price plus shipping and handling in any desired level of quantity. Newsletter. Once a year a newsletter will be produced outlining challenges and triumphs in our efforts to promote collaborative conversations in race relations. The newsletter will also discuss any new research, whether done through the program or not, about collaborative conversations. Further articles on the visions and goals of the program can be discussed as well. Access to discussion groups. To facilitate discussion between members’ internal discussion groups will be made available. The topics of these discussion groups can be established by the members of the group and the content will be monitored to eliminate harassing emails.

Organizational Membership – $500
Once an organization gains membership then it as an organization gains all the rights of individual members. It will also be listed on an organization membership page which individual members can search if they want to find, or support, organizations favorable to a collaborative conversation approach. Furthermore, the organization can designate three individuals within the organization that will be made individual members and personally gain all the rights of individual membership. In addition, organizations who are official members can purchase Transcending Racial Barriers and Beyond Racial Division at 50% off the listed price plus shipping and handling in any desired level of quantity.